Bee-Cause We Care

“The Bee Wrangler” gets the buzz going:

How often does the honey get harvested?   

Typically once a year. 

Is the honey only used in the hotel or can it be purchased separately? 

The honey is used in house for restaurant production but is also sold in The Market in two different sizes. 

How many bees live in The Bevy’s hives?  

It varies depending on the time of year but the number can range from 3 to 30 thousand.

What’s the advantage of using honey from an on-site beehive?   

Consuming local honey alleviates allergies in the neighborhood. Preserving honey bees’ role as natural pollinators helps the community in pollinating food and flowers.

Can visitors see the beehives or is it staff only?  

The beehives are located in the back of the hotel near our garden beds. Guests are welcome to look but are not able to enter the apiary. 

Bees & Gardens

The Bevy deeply embraces health, purpose, and all-natural products by harvesting its own honey in the on-site apiary. We proudly partner with Winding Road Provisions, a bee keeping service run by Gregg Spickler, otherwise known as “The Bee Wrangler”. Winding Road maintains the bees and bee hives to ensure that the honey is featured in The Bevy Provisions Company’s food, cocktails, and beer menus. Honey-infused soaps and the honey itself are also available for purchase in The Market. 

The kitchen keeps the buzz going by incorporating the honey in both sweet and savory menu items and libations. Our beautiful gardens offer seasonal plantings organically farmed and harvested for immediate use in farm-to-table culinary creations.